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11 Plants That Create Positive Energy in Your Home!

Many of us love this little touch of greenery and freshness that ornamental plants provide and adorn our homes and offices. In addition to purifying the air and producing oxygen, some plants also have the ability to reduce stress and improve the flow of energy in the space where they are. So if you want to get rid of negative energy and attract more positivity, follow the advice of Feng Shui and get yourself one of the plants below!

Feng Shui is an ancient art of Chinese origin, which provides guidelines for the selection of furniture and their orientation, colors and decorations, etc. to ensure a better flow of energy in our living spaces (home, office, garden …) and thus preserve our serenity, our health and wellbeing.

To drive the negative energy of your environment and attract more positivity, here is a list of 11 plants established by Feng Shui that will help you regulate your energy flow and eliminate stress and negativity of your space.

11 plants to attract positive energy

1 – Jasmine
In addition to improving the energy flow around you, Jasmine is very beneficial to strengthen relationships in couples and preserve the spark of love. Moreover, its sweet and very pleasant smell helps calm your mind and relax your body. To enjoy its virtues inside, place it near a window facing south. If placed outside, orient it more towards the north, northeast or east.

2 – Rosemary
Rosemary helps improve physical and mental health through its ability to purify your home or office of harmful substances. Its smell improves mood and memory, combats the states of tiredness and anxiety and treats sleep disorders. To keep it in good condition for longer, place it in a sunny spot and avoid over watering.

3 – Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily is known for its ability to promote physical and spiritual prosperity. It purifies the air and neutralizes the harmful gases, which helps improve the quality of the energy circulating in the environment where it is located. This plant should be kept in a shaded or dark place. If you put Peace Lily in your bedroom, you will be calmer and you will enjoy a good night’s sleep.

4 – Orchid
The flowers of this plant have sustainable delicate and pleasant scent that can attract positive energy and improve the energy flow throughout the house. Moreover, orchids release oxygen at night, making it the perfect plant to put it in your bedroom.

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