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5 Carcinogenic Products You Use Everyday That Should Be Banish From Your Home

Today we are constantly exposed to chemicals wherever we go: in offices, restaurants, businesses, banks and ever worse, in homes. We know that some are dangerous to our health but we do not know their level of toxicity. In this article are presenting the five most dangerous and harmful products to our health.

It is good to be careful of what you eat, it is good to be meticulous about your lifestyle and yet it is never enough. Unfortunately we are daily exposed and forced to use toxic products which can be difficult to live without. It is important to be aware of them in order to avoid them, at best.

  1. Non-stick coating

It is very popular with housewives because it prevents them from rubbing too hard to clean pots and bowls. It is a thin layer which prevent cooking utensils from food sticking. Unfortunately it is extremely hazardous to health since it has a direct contact with our food, especially since this substance is composed of toxins such as fluoride which is released in contact with heat. It is best to replace your non-stick cookware by ceramic or stone.

  1. Artificial sweeteners

Those who are greedy for sugar use these products to calm their ardor for sweet but do not know that they are a poison. The sweetener as the name implies is artificial, more than refined sugar. The best known sweeteners are:Aspartame used in light soft drinks that can cause cancer of the liver and lungs.

Acsulfame K can affect pregnancy in addition to being carcinogenic.
Sorbitol is not digested and causes bloating and digestive complications.
Saccharin is indigestible and can cause cancer of the bladder and kidney complications.However, you can replace these sweeteners with the following natural products grown without refining: Stevia, Agave syrup, honey, Xylitol, which may even have health virtues.

  1. Plastic food containers

We take them everywhere with us because they are easy to carry, but that way they are in everything what we eat and it is very dangerous. The plastics food containers are very harmful petroleum products. They contain a chemical that hardens plastic and make it more resistant: bisphenol A. This substance mainly affects the brain and prostate especially among the young.
Several alternatives are possible such as the use of reusable glass boxes.

  1. Air fresheners

Like their refreshing smell it feels like the lungs are full of fragrances they leave behind, but you have no idea of the level of harm they pose for you. Air fresheners release a concentrated chemicals that are absorbed directly into the lungs and negatively affect them, causing lung and respiratory diseases.
The ideal would be to replace these chemicals with natural essential oils you can dilute in water and spread through a distributor, they give very pleasant scent and they are beneficial to health.

  1. Cleaning products

We like to smell the scent of cleanliness they broadcast but they are very dangerous for health. They are used everywhere, both inside the house and outside. Although they are very convenient, they can cause a number of cancers including skin cancer due to direct contact with it or lesser cases of respiratory problems such as asthma and hormonal problems. Instead, opt for natural cleaning products such as soap, baking soda, white vinegar that are effective against bacteria and microbes if not more.

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