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6 Amazing Things That Happened When I Stopped Eating Sugar

An American, Larell Scadelli, decided to lower consumption daily of sugar from 70 to 20 grams, for the period of eight months. She was advised to do that to better manage her various health problems: lethargy, acne, migraines, etc. Find out what happened to her body and how that decision changed her life.

What type of sugar to choose?
There are two types of sugar: the good and the bad one. You will find the first in fruits (fructose), grains and some vegetables. Although sugar is high in these foods, they are also very high in fiber and contain essential vitamins for a healthy diet. The bad sugar is the refined sugar that is found in desserts, soft drinks, seasonings and processed foods. The dietician Rachel Link informs us that this ingredient is sucrose and is produced by the conversion of cane sugar.

What has changed for Larell Scadelli after she stopped consuming sugar:

She was constantly full of energy
Before she banned sugar from her diet, she didn’t know how it impacted her mood. Mark Smith, a nutrition counselor, says that main influence of sugar on the body is on insulin. Hormones (sex, stress, hunger, metabolism) are out of control because of the high levels of insulin in the blood. Since she stopped consuming sugar, she started feeling fit and was spending her days without dozing.

Her immune system seemed to be harder
After Scadelli said goodbye to sugar eight months ago she has never caught cold, and got sick at least once each season. Dr Kate Martino explained that the sugar has a major impact on the good bacteria in our intestines. A weak immune system is the main cause of a failing digestive system. When you reduce the consumption of sugar or eliminate it, the good bacteria grow and heal the intestines. Scadelli replaced sugar with oranges, strawberries, honey and foods rich in nutrients that keep its digestive operational and immune functions healthy.

She suffered less inflammation
Before, Scadelli frequently suffered from headaches and her face was covered with acne. Dan DeFigio, author of Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies, says that high sugar levels in the blood damages the body and causes inflammation all over the body. They can manifest as rashes or joint pain, for example. Since our patient stopped the consumption of sugar, it has less buttons on the face, and her migraines are less painful.

She learned to read labels on food
Scadelli says that she was shocked by the number of products containing refined sugar, when she began to read the labels of tomato sauce, wheat cereal, yogurt, etc. It’s a bit scary because the “refined sugar” is not listed as such on the packaging, you will see rather words like corn syrup, dextrin, or any other term ending in “ose”. On labels, ingredients are listed by quantity (descending order), you will spot our enemy at the first three, and know that sugar is extremely high.

She found healthier alternatives
Scadelli is an undisputed fan of ice cream and she was dying during the first three weeks. Now she has adapted its desserts to her new lifestyle. She cuts e.g. a banana into pieces; adds some strawberries, almond butter and maple syrup on a homemade rice cake. Dr. Martino suggests sweetening your food with natural foods such as dates, pineapple or figs. These foods are rich in fiber and protein which are certainly sweet, but more slowly assimilated by the body. You can also mix sweet fruits like apples with a handful of nuts or peanut butter.

She met people who share her lifestyle
By changing diet Scadelli did not expected that her social life will change. She met people who, like her, were aware of the dangers of sugar and able to respond adequately to their body needs. They even exchange books on nutrition.

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