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Get Rid Of Any Mold In Your Home Forever With This Oil!

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil refers to the oil that is extracted from the leaves of a plant named Melaleuca alternifolia. It was used by Aborigines long time ago in Australia. People often call it melaleuca oil too. They used the leaves from the plant. It has been used for hundreds of years and is capable of treating several health problems. Coughs, colds, throat problems and as well as skin ailments – all can be taken care of by this amazing ingredient. It is also used as an antiseptic because it was proven that is a 100 times more powerful than the very best germicide of the time. It is used for skin treatments.

Here are the steps that you should do to get rid of moles:

Get hold of a cotton swab and dip it in the oil very gently.

Now place it on your mole for a while.

You should continue doing this at least three times a day until the mole has entirely vanished.

If you begin to feel any irritation on the skin, please do not use it any further.

After a while you will notice changes and the moles on your face will vanish, but the skin around it will be very sensitive. Take care of it by always putting sunscreen when you go out and carry an umbrella so you always have a sun protection. You can try it because it is not expensive as surgery and laser treatment and there are no scaring. You should avoided if you have any allergies.

How To Get Rid Of Mold With Tea Tree Oil!


2 tsp. of Tea Tree Oil

2 cups water

Spray bottle


Mix the tea tree oil and water and pour the solution in a spray bottle.
Spray the affected areas and let the option work for a while before cleaning it with a cloth.

The Good

Better for you – all natural essential oils are safer to use around you, your family and your pets

Better for the Earth – because all cleaners eventually end up in the waste stream, better for it to be a natural substance washing out to sea

Saves Money – tea tree oil is pretty cheap on the essential oil spectrum, and a mixture of oil and water for treating mold costs much less than commercial mildew busters

The Bad

Must leave solution on mold to treat

Either it doesn’t work, or there is no indication mold or mildew has been killed

Does not remove the mildew staining – in facts makes remaining mold more difficult to remove

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