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Grow Back Your Receding Gums With the Help of These Natural Remedies

Having a beautiful bright smile is the dream of many. But many dental problems prevent enjoying good oral health. Gum retraction, for example, is one of the most common and can lead to tooth loss. To clean your gums and stop their retraction, here are some effective natural remedies.

Called gum mucosa it covers the alveolar bone surrounding the tooth and preserves its stability. When it begins to retract, pocket formation occurs, providing an environment conducive to the accumulation and proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, this gum recession exposes the tooth’s root, increases the sensitivity to heat and cold and can even cause a toothache.

Causes of receding gums

Poor oral hygiene: it favors the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and forming a plaque layer on the surface of teeth, causing inflammation of the gums and alveolar bone weakens.

Aggressive brushing: using a hard bristle toothbrush or improper brushing can cause damage to the gums and thus promote their recession.

Smoking: Tobacco consumption causes an accumulation of toxins in the mouth and a dry mouth which helps the growth of bacteria responsible for various oral diseases and inflammations.

Genetic predisposition: in some people, it is their genetic heritage which is primarily responsible for the shrinkage of the gums and other oral problems.

Periodontal diseases are bacterial infections of the gums and bone surrounding the tooth and causing ultimately bone destruction, gingival recession, and loss of teeth.

Hormonal disorders: a significant secretion of estrogen can cause the gums to shrink, especially in pregnant women. This hormonal surplus will end up at the gum, which will feed some pathogenic bacteria whose numbers will multiply, causing significant inflammation of the gingiva and retraction.

Piercings: wearing tongue or lip piercings can cause permanent friction against the gums and cause lesions and inflammations more or less serious.

Natural remedies to cure receding gums

Gum shrinkage is a problem that must be treated in its early stages to prevent it from developing into periodontitis. It is strongly recommended to regularly consult a dentist, who will make scaling to remove plaque and heal your inflamed gums.

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