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How Himalayan Salt Lamp Can Make you Feel Happy

You’ve probably seen or heard of salt lamps from the Himalayas. They are increasingly known for their very soothing soft light and they apparently have many beneficial properties for the health.

The Himalayan salt lamp  is made from a piece (varying in size) of Himalayan salt. The inside of the track is widened to create a place for a small bulb. Some lamps are designed as a basket with crystals of salt inside.

These salt lamps clean the air you breathe and can improve your sense of happiness.

Negative ions

After a day by the sea, we feel a sense of well-being and peace. This is also the case after a squall or a shower. How to explain this?

The reason why we feel better after spending time on the beach or after a rain is due to the negative ions that fill the air and negative ions are beneficial to the health!

Indeed, in places such as the beach, there may be up to 5.000 negative ions per cubic inch. In cities, negative ions don’t exceed 50 ions per cubic inch. The difference is huge!

What makes the Himalayan salt lamp so interesting is that it produces negative ions and makes the air inside the house like the sea or a waterfall. These ions have the ability to soothe us and we de-stress.

Positive ions

On the other hand, positive ions have a negative impact! We receive these ions from various electronic equipments such as televisions, microwaves, computers, etc. Positive ions have harmful effects and can cause severe disturbances in the body, including allergies, increased stress and insomnia.

Toxins that exist in the air such as bacteria, molds and allergens are carried by the positive charges, so the more positive ions in the air, the more airborne toxins.

If you feel down it is because there are too many positive ions in the air! This can even go further; these positive charges can cause fog in your brain, interrupt the sleep, nervousness, accumulation of free radicals in your body and physical stress. It is therefore essential to neutralize the positive ions in the air you breathe!

How Himalayan salt crystal lamps work?

The Himalayan salt crystal lamps work by producing more negative ions in the environment. When the lamp gets hot, it heats the crystal. The crystal thus creates negative ions which are released into the air. This will neutralize the atmosphere of a room full of positive ions.

The operation of these lamps is very simple: they can eliminate the positive ions that are sources of plant disruptions and reduce air toxins.

The benefits of Himalayan salt crystal lamps are as follows:

Stress-related disorders: A study published in the Journal of Psychophysiology International demonstrated a clear relationship between the presence of negative ions and increased personal performance and reduced stress, particularly that induced by computers.

Mood: Another study published in American Journal of Psychiatry in 2007 found that the presence of negative ions in the air can be considered as a natural antidepressant, and may even replace medication.

Allergies: A salt crystal lamp contributes to your well-being and the air you breathe is healthy, naturally ionized and enjoyable.

Negative ions are beneficial for diseases such as rheumatism, skin disorders, sleep disorders, headaches, respiratory problems and colds.

How to choose the right Himalayan salt crystal lamp?

As you can imagine, there are a lot of fake salt lamps on the market. When you buy your salt lamp, make sure it is in the Himalayan region that is made of pure Himalayan salt crystals.

The real salt lamp becomes wet

If your salt lamp sometimes becomes wet, it is very normal! It is simply condensation because the water is attracted by the salt of the lamp, but this water is rapidly evaporated due to the heat of the bulb. This evaporation process generates negative ions and this is what makes your lamp wet.
For this reason, it is important to pay attention to where you put your lamp, especially if it is a wooden surface. Put a tray below the lamp to catch the water that evaporates.

Where to place the Himalayan salt lamp?

Unfortunately, the effect of Himalayan salt lamps is limited in space. It’s nice to have it at home, but a single lamp cannot purify the whole house! Put it in the room where you spend the most time and in the one with most electronic equipment.

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